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FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Giving back and providing support to our neighbors 7 akronymca.orgIMPACT Ordinary Stomping Grounds Become Extraordinary Grounds for Positive Change. Educational Programs Support Services Support Services Wellness Initiatives PHOENIX ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL Creates Positive Change in Student Attitude Academics CATCH COLLABORATIVE Coordinated Approach To Child Health THE YMCAs DIABETES PREVENTION PROGRAM Reducing Risk of Type 2 Diabetes TOGETHERHOOD Member-led Volunteering for Community Service Projects OHIO RECIPROCITY Members Gain Access to Participating YMCAs throughout Ohio ANNUAL GIVING CAMPAIGN Yearly Donations Ensure More Families Experience the Y ADVISORY BOARDS Local Volunteers Lead Fundraising Programs PROGRAM VOLUNTEERING Sharing Talents Knowledge with Kids Teens Adults MILITARY OUTREACH Giving Back to Those Who Serve HERITAGE CLUB Preserving the YMCA Mission through Planned Gifts UNITED WAY DAY OF ACTION Community Businesses Volunteer at Y Branches As an extension of the community the Akron Area YMCA is a responsive advocate providing educational wellness and support services to address the specific needs of those we serve. From redirecting students with behavioral challenges in the Phoenix Alternative School and providing year-round support to children and adults with special needs to offering financial assistance to military families we empower our neighbors to overcome obstacles. Special committees and Advisory Boards focus on giving back through fundraising and voluntary contributions with outreach programs such as TOGETHERHOOD. Y Members find faith and fellowship through Bible Studies and prayer breakfasts at our branch chapels. Our valued partnerships with community leaders and public organizations become extraordinary connections to healthy living programs such as the YMCAs Diabetes Prevention Program which focuses on small measurable goals so participants build the confidence needed to reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes and live healthier lives. Another vital program is the Summit County CATCH Collaborative which is an initiative designed to address childhood obesity by helping children develop and sustain healthy dietary and physical activity patterns. CATCH is being incorporated into our future youth development curriculum. We provide accessible resources and support to move individuals families and communities forward.