Did You Know?

The Akron Area YMCA

  • Involves 3,700 kids in youth sports programs
  • Encourages teens to develop leadership skills through Teen Leadership programs
  • Offers Arthritis Swim classes to 300 senior citizens
  • Improves teamwork for 5,000 employees of organizations through corporate training

From slam dunks to swimming trunks and home school to leadership tools, the Akron Area YMCA offers hundreds of programs for kids, teens, adults, active older adults and families that strengthen spirit, mind and body for all. Whether joining the YMCA to socialize, participate in a team on a league or to help support the YMCA mission, the dedicated staff will support and encourage you and your family’s goals. Discover what the YMCA experience will provide for you.

No matter what your income, the YMCA wants everyone to have an all around wellness experience. The staff is top-notch, professional and most of all –approachable. It’s a wonderful place.

-Stuart Walent
YMCA Member

What's Going on Now?

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YMCA Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.