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The Akron Area YMCA strengthens 2,200 parent and child relationships in Y-Guides, Y-Princesses and Y-Maidens. They are a great way to build a meaningful relationship with your children while helping them embrace the values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and faith.

Each of the programs below meet in small and large groups and all have an event for the entire family every summer.

Y-Guides (Father-Son)

Ages 5 - 11

Provides an opportunity for fathers and sons to spend time together in a fun atmosphere. Participants learn about the great outdoors and develop a healthy parent/child relationship.

Y-Princesses (Father-Daughter)

Ages 5 - 11

Provides an opportunity for fathers and daughters to form strong and healthy relationships while learning about the world and its natural surroundings through fun and games, campouts, childrens' theater, and family outings.

Y-Maidens (Mother-Daughter)

Ages 5 - 11

Provides the opportunity for mothers and daughters to enjoy quality time together going on field trips, working on community service projects, camping out, playing sports and making arts and crafts.

Trail Blazers (Father-Son) and Trail Mates (Father-Daughter)

Ages 11 - 14

Provides the opportunity for kids to learn leadership and teamwork skills with their parents by taking leadership roles in the planning of their own activities and outings.

Living, learning and loving through adventure.

Every year we help thousands of parents and children connect and build meaningful relationships through our Y-Guides, Y-Princesses and Y-Maidens programs. Each of the programs meet in small and large groups and have a family event every summer.

To learn more about how you and your child can get involved, click on the link to your local branch listed below.

Firestone Park YMCA

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Green Family YMCA

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Lake Anna YMCA

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Nordonia Hills YMCA

Riverfront YMCA

University Park YMCA

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