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Branch Program Schedules provide times and dates of programs offered by individual branches.  Session weeks and program start and finish dates may vary by branch.

The Resource Guide provides a listing of programs that may be offered within the Akron Area YMCA during different sessions. Not all programs are reflected in the Resource Guide. Check below branch schedules or online for current programs offered.

 2014 Program Session Dates

(Note: Session weeks and program start and end vary by branch.)

Fall I 2014

Sunday, September 7 – Saturday, October 25

Member Registration: Sunday, August 24
Program Member Registration: Thursday, August 28 

Fall II 2014

Sunday, November 2 – Saturday, December 20

Member Registration: Sunday, October 19
Program Member Registration: October 23

2015 Program Session Dates


Winter I  2015

Sunday, January 4 – Saturday, February 21

Member Registration: Sunday, December 7
Program Member Registration: December 11

Winter II 2015

Sunday, March 1  – Saturday, April 18

Member Registration: Sunday, February 15
Program Member Registration: February 19

Spring 2015

Sunday, April 26  – Saturday, June 13

Member Registration: Sunday, April 12
Program Member Registration: April 16

Summer 2015

Sunday, June 21 - Saturday, August 29

Member Registration: Sunday, June 7
Program Member Registration: June 11

Fall I 2015

Sunday, September 6 – Saturday, October 24

Member Registration: Sunday, August 23
Program Member Registration: Thursday, August 27

Fall II 2015

Sunday, November 1 – Saturday, December 19

Member Registration: Sunday, October 18
Program Member Registration: October 22

YMCA Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.