Teen Leaders

Teen Leaders Club is a national club that gives teens, grades 6-12th, 
an opportunity to gain real-life, hands-on leadership experience
through volunteer opportunities and trainings at the Y, planning and 
executing events (e.g. Toy Drive Kick Off Dinner to benefit   
children in need & Leaders Club), weekend leadership retreats (e.g. YMCA
Camp Willson,
February 13-15, 2015), and weekly teen led club meetings. Teen Leader is an opportunity for
teens to learn
about leadership, get involved with the community and
have fun with peers.

What is the Teen Leaders Club?


55 Years of Excellence
The mission of the Teen Leaders Club is to strengthen the community by instilling the core values of Faith, Honesty, Caring, Respect and Responsibility in teens through hands-on, real-life leadership activities, leadership retreats, and volunteering.
One of the unique traits of Teen Leaders Club is that everything is run by the teens themselves. Even the meetings are run by the CAB (Club Advisory Board), consisting of a group of teens that are chosen by their peers to plan and organize meetings and monthly events.

Teen Leaders Club is an opportunity for teens to learn about leadership, get involved with the community and have fun with peers. Essentially, the club is what the group makes of it. Under the supervision of YMCA staff and volunteers, teens can make Leaders Club exactly what they want it to be!

What Does the Teen Leaders Club Do?

Monthly Meetings (see branch for specifc days & times)
An opportunity for teens to meet new people, while hanging out in a fun atmosphere at the YMCA, these meetings are run by the CAB, which consists of a Club President, Vice President, Chaplin, Secretary and Treasurer. These positions are filled by teens who are elected by their peers. During meetings, club members decide which events to participate in that month, such as volunteer and social opportunities.

Leadership Retreats/Rallies

These are some of the best opportunities for teens to develop new skills, try new things and meet teens from all over Ohio. Rallies are weekend long service projects, sponsored by different YMCA Leaders Clubs. Teens get together with area clubs and participate in projects that give back to the community. Rallies also include of leadership courses and are always filled with social component, such as sports tournaments, dances or concerts.      


Teen Leaders will have the opportunity to be trained and volunteer in different areas of the building. Teens may go through orientation and then be trainned in specifc areas. They can sign-up for shifts. The duties that the teens will be assigned are not the tasks that no one else wants to do. Theire duties will be ones that challenge them to use the skills they learn in club meetings, retreats, and trainings. Our Teen Leaders will travel to Columbus, OH to participate as volunteers to cheer, serve and support the many special Olympians during the Special Olympics event. The Special Olympics is appreciative of the support the teens provide each year.


The purpose of the school is to bring Leaders Club members together for training that will help them to develop new skills and grow as individuals.Through courses and group discussions led by YMCA professionals and volunteers, participants will be given the opportunity to learn more about themselves and others while gaining new friendships and being a part of new experiences.Teens will learn new skills and further their knowledge about the topics that affect their lives, including relationships, peer pressure and school. Like every aspect of Teen Leaders Club, the teens, themselves, determine what they are going to learn about, based on what they WANT to learn about!

    2014 Great Lakes Region YMCA Leaders Training School
    Defiance College
    Defiance, Ohio

Community Events
Teen Leaders Club Members will volunteer at community events such as Mum festival, Band of the bands, Teen Expo, Night out Against Crime,  Food Drives and more.


As a club we will have a ton of fun! We will get to plan activities that may include: Cedar Point, Lazer Tag, Kayak Trips, Camping, and more.

Teen Leaders Association Wide 2014-2015 Events
September 19-21 Middle of No Where Rally @ Camp Tippecanoe
October 8th

October 18th
Kent State Academic Center " Social Consciousness Wk 1" (6:30-7:30pm)

Kick Off Party-Glow n' the Dark Dodgeball @ Wadsworth YMCA
November TBA

November TBA
November 12th
Black Swamp Service Weekend @ Defiance YMCA

Toy Drive Spaghetti Kick Off Dinner @ Camp Y Noah (5-8pm)
Kent State Academic Center " Social Consciousness Wk 2" (6:30-7:30pm)
 December 17th Toy Drive & Raffle Finale (4-8pm) Location: TBA
January 14th 

January TBA
Kent State Academic Center " Social Consciousness Wk 3" (6:30-7:30pm)

Winter Lock In @ TBA
February 13-16th Ohio Rally @ Camp Wilson (Central Ohio)
March 11th 
Kent State Academic Center " Social Consciousness Wk 4" (6:30-7:30pm)
April-May TBA Bad to the Bone @ Camp Fitch PA
May 20st
Kent State Academic Center " Social Consciousness Wk 5" (6:30-7:30pm)
June TBA
July 13-19
Teen Leaders Banquet
Special Olympics @ Ohio State University 
Leaders Traning School @ Defiance College


Who Should Join?

Teen Leaders Club is for anyone, grades 6-12th, looking to have fun, learn and serve the community.

Branch YMCA Teen Leaders Club Contacts
Camp Y-Noah cynteens@akronymca.org
Green Family YMCA greenteens@akronymca.org
East Akron YMCA eastteens@akronymca.org
Firestone Park YMCA FPteenleaders@akronymca.org
Lake Anna YMCA lakeannateens@akronymca.org
Nordonia Hills YMCA nordoniahillsteens@akronymca.org
University Park YMCA universityparkteens@akronymca.org
Wadsworth YMCA    TBA

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Fee: $10 Monthly (9 Month Program)
T-Shirts Included

Contact Melissa Roddy for more information at melissar@akronymca.org

YMCA Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.