In celebration of the Akron Area Y's 150th anniversary, we are inviting members to embark on a fun activity that is designed to keep health and wellness in mind ... for at least 150 days.

March 1 - july 31

Beginning March 1, members can pick up a 150 Point Challenge card at the Registration Desk and/or Wellness Desk at their favorite Akron Area Y branch.

The card contains various categories like EAT HEALTHY, TAKE A CLASS, DO SOME CARDIO -- with each box being worth 10 pts.

When a card is completed with 150 points (i.e. 15 boxes) -- the WHOLE CARD can be turned in at the Registration Desk and/or Wellness Desk -- where a new card can be picked up.

Make sure to include a NAME and BRANCH on the card before turning it in ... to win prizes.

On August 3, each branch will hold a drawing to pick 3 cards.

Up for grabs?


A Fitbit.

A FREE month of Y membership and swag bag.

You need to get your CARDS at the Membersheip (Main) DESK or in the Fitness Center at the DESK ... but here's what they will look like.