brian heinbuch
crunching the numbers

Brian Heinbuch doesn’t do things half-way.  Whether it’s sky-diving or rock-climbing, telling others about his faith, and now – exercising, Brian goes full throttle.  This pattern started when he was a kid, always full of energy and good at whatever sport the season was playing.  But his ability to “make weight” for wrestling was something that set him on a dangerous path that he didn’t discover until much later in life.

“I would diet, diet, diet and then eat, eat, eat,” said Heinbuch, now 53 and a pastoral counselor at Haven of Rest in Akron.  “I didn’t realize how I was setting up my body to fail with this pattern that could have honestly turned deadly.”

At his highest weight, Brian was 305 pounds and his sugar level was 600.  With a normal range of 100-150, Brian found himself hospitalized, near death, and in dire need of a lifestyle change.  The numbers, this time, were not in his favor.

So, he prayed.

He also joined Weight Watchers and got serious about his YMCA membership by hiring a personal trainer there.  With the help of June Calet, a veteran Y trainer, Brian set on a path of exercising muscles that had actually atrophied because of non-use.

“When I first started, I couldn’t even do a single sit-up,” said Heinbuch.  “At one point I thought, ‘I can’t do this … I’m also going to be the fat guy.”

But at 195 pounds and still counting, Brian is in wonderful shape and in excellent health.

“My doctor is stunned,” Heinbuch admits while rattling amazing number of excellent cholesterol, blood pressure and A1-C figures that he couldn’t even dream of reaching a year ago.

But the number Brian is truly concerned about is one.  “If my story can help at least one person lose weight and gain a better, healthier life – than it’s all worth it.”

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