Meet the Mares.....


This sorrel mare was born a wild mustang in the great state of Wyoming.  In 2006 she was rounded up by the US Dept of Interior & Land Management.  On her left side she bares a freeze brand which indicates her year of birth as 2005 and registration number.  She was eventually acquired by Betty Doyle who lovingly cared for her for seven years.  Due to hip surgery Betty was no longer able to care for Sunshine the way she would like and generously decided to donate her to Camp Y-Noah in May 2015.  Sunshine enjoys running free with her herd mates and is a confident leader on our trail string.   


Holly is a sweet 14.2 hand bay Morgan that arrived at Camp Y-Noah on June 5, 2014.  Under saddle she carries her riders across the ground with determination.  Her elegant arched neck and high stepping movement often catches the eye of spectators.  She has a wonderful disposition and aims to please.  


Born approximately 1997, Snowy is continuously the fan favorite.  This grey Shetland pony and extremely versatile;  you will find her in every type of lesson from beginner to jumping, both English & Western.  She loves hanging out with her best friend Copper and blowing bubbles in the water trough. 


Born in 2001 Sandy is a 13.2 hand sorrel haflinger.  She was donated to YMCA Camp Y-Noah in October 2011.  She is very gentle and kind and has no trouble making friends.  She is lovingly called the “Land Hippo” because of her love for trailside snacking.  But, you can also recognize her by her long flowing flaxen mane and tail. She enjoys hanging out with all her horse friends and plodding through the meadows of Camp Y-Noah.     However, watch your pockets when Sandy is around she can smell a treat from a good distance and will come pick-pocketing.   


 Cheyenne is a tobiano paint mare, born in 1995 and donated to Camp Y-Noah in July of 2009. Her striking color pattern and one blue eye always get oohs and ahhs when she arrives at the mounting block.  She is an invaluable member of our equine team and our go to horse for a nervous rider. 




Susie is the matriarch of our herd. As a result she likes to be up front leading the way or in the middle of the trail string keeping everyone on task.  She doesn’t take any funny business and takes her job very seriously.  Some call this beautiful girl a redhead because of her shiny chestnut coat with no white markings.   Suzie was born approximately 2000 and donated to Camp Y-Noah in July 2009.  She has found her niche in our advance level and jumping classes.  She is always a willing lesson horse, teaching both adults and children how to ride beautifully.  And truly her only request in return is a handful of grain and lots fly spray.  Oh does she hate bugs!! 


Candy is a 12.2 hand bay Welsh cross pony.   Born approximately 2008.  She is very brave and full of energy.  She joined the Camp Y-Noah team in December 2016.   She loves carrots and all her new found attention.  




Piper is a 15 hand quarter horse who joined the Camp Y-Noah team in December 2016. She was donated by a camp staff member.   Her dorsal strip and primitive dun markings make her easy to spot in a crowd.   She is happy to hit the trail or work out in the arena. She has quickly grown into a camper favorite and was voted Horse of the Year in 2018.  



This black and white paint mare was donated by the Flemming Family in April 2018.   Pippy enjoys hacking along the beautiful camp trails and getting bathed and groomed by campers.   

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