Summer Ranch Programs

Ranch Day Camp
Ages 8 - 16 
Dates:  June 10-14 and June 17-21
Members $350    Non Member $375

Ranch Day Camp gives campers the best of both worlds! They will spend the first part of their day at the ranch where they will enjoy horsemanship lessons, mounted lessons, trail rides, and assist with morning barn chores.  In the afternoon campers head up to main camp to enjoy traditional camp activities; archery, canoeing, climbing, swimming and much more.
Full Day Ranch Camp  
Ages 8 - 16
Dates:  August 5-9, 2019
Member $405   Non Member $430

Full Day Ranch Camp is for riders that can’t get enough of the ranch and horses. This is a one-week session that stresses a more intensive riding schedule. Campers spend all day at the ranch with extra riding lessons and more hands-on responsibilities around the barn. You won’t want to miss this new experience for any level rider.
Mini Ranch
Ages 6-12 
Dates:  June 30- July 3, 2019
Member $315    Non Member $365

A great introduction for young campers who want to give camp a try but aren’t sure they can stay a full week yet.   We fit a week of excitement into just 4 days and 3 nights.  The Mini Ranch program lets campers between ages 6-12 experience the joy of caring for their own horse through daily riding and chores.   Campers go on a trail ride and take lessons on grooming and horse care.  Along with participating in the ranch program campers also experience traditional camp activities for a portion of their day.   

Ranch Overnight Camp 
Ages 8 - 16 
Dates: July 14-20, July 21-27, July 28-Aug 3, 2019 
Member $555    Non Member $605 

Grab your reins and lets hit the trail!  Ranch campers spend the week building the special bond that forms between horse and riders.  In addition to arena lessons and trail rides, each day campers will be learning to tack and groom horses, minor vet care, anatomy, breed specialties, feeding, and barn chores.  Our campers take pride in sharing the responsibility of caring for the herd of horses.  Our trained and experienced staff who know our horses intimately will ensure that campers are safe, comfortable and challenged regardless of the skills they bring with them.  Ranch campers will also join in activities with traditional camp when they aren’t at the ranch.  

Trail Blazers    
Ages 8 - 16 
Dates:  June 23-29 &  July 7-13
Member $555    Non Member $605 

Let’s saddle up and explore Camp Y-Noah’s 250+ scenic acres on the back of a trusty steed.  Trail Blazers is the perfect week for those campers who LOVE to trail ride!   Along with daily trail rides and horsemanship lessons, campers will follow the outline of the CHA Trail Guide program; learning how to care for themselves and their horse along the trail in all types of situations.  This camp is designed specifically to give campers a more in-depth horse experience— and after a long ride, campers will still have the opportunity to cool-off in our lake or participate in many other traditional camp activities.

Cross Rails    
Ages 8 - 16
Dates:   June 23-29 &  July 7-13
Member $580    Non Member $630

(Camper must meet pre-qualification to register)


Cross Rails is specifically designed for those who ride in a lesson program at home, and are up for a challenging week of English and Western riding. The exercises during each lesson are designed to help fine-tune your position and communication with your horse, as well as improve your timing and athleticism over jumps.  With basic dressage incorporated into the flat work, you will take home tools that will not only help you with your horse for the week, but build you as a rider.

During the evening you will grow close to other campers who are just as dedicated to riding as you.  Together you will participate in a variety of camp programs; archery, canoeing, climbing, swimming and much more.  Please contact Camp Y-Noah for eligibility requirements. 


For Ranch Camp Programs, participants must be at least 8-years-old and weigh less than 220 lbs at the time of the program.