Together, through value-based programs, we build today's children into tomorrow's leaders. It was a volunteer who founded the YMCA in 1844. Today, over 2,000 Akron Area YMCA volunteers continue to strengthen our mission and help us build strong kids, strong families, strong communities.

Through volunteering, you'll have the opportunity to make an impact on your community, meet great people, and grow! Volunteer to organize an event or mentor students in Early Childhood and Education Centers. We have volunteering opportunities in four basic areas. Click on the links below to find out more.

Program Volunteers

  • Direct contact with Akron Area YMCA members and the community
  • Lead programs (for example, coach a youth sports team)
  • Deliver services (for example, help with Child Care or tutor a student)
  • Serve on a program advisory council (for example, Teen Action Agenda or Aquatics)
  • Participate in a community service program

Service Volunteers

  • Meet new people and learn new skills by donating their time
  • Contribute special skills to the management and administration of the branch or association
  • Donate valuable time by helping out in the offices, locker rooms or other branch facilities

Governance Volunteers

Each Akron Area YMCA branch has its own advisory board and committees and the Akron Area Board of Trustees governs the entire association.

  • Volunteers serve on boards and committees and act as trustees
  • Make planning and policy decisions
  • Ensure continued financial development
  • Monitor and endorse the branch or association's activities.

Fundraising Volunteers

We look at fundraising as an opportunity to grow, both in our mission and as individuals. Daniel E. Emerson, past chairman of the YMCA of the USA National Board, points out several ways fundraising enriches our lives:

  • Fundraising puts caring into action. Caring on the part of donors and volunteers who give their time and talent so that others may benefit from the YMCA experience.
  • Fundraising highlights the golden rule. Who among us has not needed a helping hand in life?
  • Fundraising brings to life what it means to be responsible. YMCA donors and fundraisers take responsibility for bettering their communities and beyond, rather than complaining about how things never change.
If you would like to volunteer as a fundraiser for the Akron Area YMCA, please contact Brian Bidlingmyer, at brianb@akronymca.org.

Make a difference in your life and community. Contact one of our branches to become a volunteer.

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