Mission Driven

Akron Area YMCA Spiritual Development & Christian Emphasis 
At the Y, it's just as important to grow spiritually as it is to be strong physically and mentally.
That’s why the Akron Area YMCA offers a range of spiritual development programs and services to help members learn, grow and thrive in this critical part of their lives.  
From Bible studies to prayer breakfasts, the Akron Area YMCA offers members of all ages the chance to nurture their faith,
find fellowship with others and connect to a larger spiritual community.
Upcoming Events and Activities 
Green Family YMCA
Encouragement Gathering
Every Friday at 9am in main lobby.

Riverfront YMCA
Bible Study At Riverfront YMCA
Thursdays at 8:00am

Weekly Inspirations
During Lent, the Riverfront YMCA will hold weekly inspirations and prayer request baskets will be available.
For more details and times on all Riverfront YMCA activities call (330) 923-9622.

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Akron Area YMCA
50 S. Main Street, Ste. LL 100
Akron, Ohio 44308
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