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100-Mile Swim Club/ 150-Mile Swim Challenge
A brochure with the details for the Club and Challenge.
2018 Annual Report
Copy of the 2018 Annual Report / Community Impact Report
2019 Fall I Group Classes Program schedules
2019 Gym Schedule
A WORD.doc of the Super Seniors Series rules, as they were written on Sept 16 2019
2020 Winter II Youth Sports
Annual Report 2017
Copy of the 2017 Annual Report -- Community Impact Report
Annual Report 2019
A quick 2-page version of the 2019 Annual Report of the Akron Area YMCA
April 28-May 11, 2019 Gym Schedule
Aquatics Fall II 2019
Aquatics Winter I 2020
Birthday Guest Pass
A guest pass for people who have a birthday
Branch Amenities and Features
This document contains information about features and amenities at each of our membership and facility branches.
Employment and Volunteer Application
Volunteer and Employment Application for the Akron Area YMCA.
Food for Thoughts
A low resolution version of our booklet initially used in Summer Day Camp to provide fun, nutritious recipes for kids and families.
Group Classes Fall II 2019
Group Classes Winter I 2020
Gym Schedule August 19 to 23
Gym Schedule Dec. 15-Jan 5
Gym Schedule Jan. 6-Feb. 29
Gym Schedule July 15-August 18
Gym Schedule June 23-July 14
Gym Schedule March 1-April 26
Gym Schedule Oct. 28-Dec. 22
Gym Schedule Sept. 3 to Oct. 27
June 2-June 8, 2019 Gym Schedule
June 9-June 23, 2019 Gym Schedule
KFY Pool Schedule June 3-9
Lunch-time fitness
May 11-May 18, 2019 Gym Schedule
May 19-June 1, 2019 Gym Schedule
Membership Hold And Cancellation Form
This form is used for requesting that a membership is put on hold or canceled/terminated
Men's Health Talk from Summa June 2018
Military Membership Packets
Military Outreach Attendance Waiver Request
Nondiscrimination Policy for Diabetes Prevention Program
Pool Schdule May 20-June 2
Pool Schedule April 15-April 21
Pool Schedule April 19-May 19
Pool Schedule Dec. 15-22
Pool Schedule Dec. 23-Jan 5
Pool Schedule Feb. 25-March 10
Pool Schedule February 24-April 26
Pool Schedule Jan. 28th-Feb. 3rd
Pool Schedule Jan. 6 - March 1
Pool Schedule July 15th to August 17th
Pool Schedule July 7th -July 14th
Pool Schedule June 25-July 14
Pool Schedule June 3-9
Pool Schedule Nov. 11-Dec. 22
Pool Schedule Oct. 14-27
Pool Schedule Oct. 28-Nov. 10
Pool Schedule Sept. 25 - Oct. 13
Pool Schedule Sept. 3 to Oct. 15
Program Descriptions
Racquetball Flier
Join us for Racquetball!
Refer A Member Coupons
Coupons for the Akron Area YMCA Refer A Member Program, 2020 version.
Sports Winter I 2020
Spring 2019 schedules
Strategic Plan 2020 - 2022
Summer 2019 schedules
Summer Camp Guide 2019
Swim Lesson Selector
Swim Lessons Brochure
A tri-fold brochure describing YMCA swim lesson categories
Swim Lesson-Selector
Three sheets that clearly explain the new (2017) swim lessons categories
Test Mark Protect Swim Policy
Test Mark Protect Swim Policy 5/18/15
Trailhead-Parking with Valet (003)
A map to assist with the parking for 2019 Friday @ 5-ish event at The Trailhead
Winter II aquatics 2019
Winter II Aquatics 2020
Winter II group classes 2019
Winter II Group Classes 2020
Winter II youth sports 2019
Youth Sports Fall II 2019