Gaining While Losing

Sometimes we just need a little motivation. And, that's what Patrice found in the Silver Sneakers program. 

She soon realized that impact of inspiration from new friends in the class, as they kept her laughing through some struggles and motivated her as she moved through the lifestyle change she was committed to make.

Through the constant encouragement of staff and new friends, Patrice - who was a slow starter - now comes in daily. The result? A 100 pound weight loss - and more importantly, a 100% new outlook.

"I have a lot more energy and more motivation to try new things out of my comfort zone," said Patrice. "I feel like a snake that has shed it's skin.

Losing Weight and Gaining Health

When he was a high school freshman, Brandon Lempeck decided to get serious about his size. He began running on the track and paying closer attention to the food he was eating. He also got serious about the Y, an involvement he had with his family, but never really focused on as a kid.

Today, with renewed confidence, commitment and character - Brandon is 100 pounds lighter - and looking great in his new role of not only a Y member, but also a Y employee! He is a true testament to how the Y can change a life - physically, spiritually and emotionally.

"I hope my story can inspire others because I don't plan on stopping any time soon," said Brandon.

Marathon Man

After finding out he had Type 1 Diabetes and a benign brain tumor, Zeke Petrie was not going to bow out from running marathons.

Zeke was the first Ohioan to push a friend in a wheelchair 26.2 miles at the Akron Marathon. Zeke also competed in the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon.

The goals don't stop there. Zeke hopes to compete in the 100 mile trail race in July as the first diabetic and brain tumor participant. 

"The YMCA has provided a place to stay in shape which is vital to me," said Zeke. "It benefits me not just in training for races but for my overall health."

Young at Heart
Twenty-five years ago, Willa Boling retired from Ohio Bell with 35 years of service. It wasn't until age 88 in December of 2013, however, that Willa decided to join the Lake Anna YMCA because of medical concerns. 
Willa was recently diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis and sciatica which requires her to use a walker. Willa felt that she would be forced to remain sedentary. Her doctor prescribed physical therapy at Lake Anna Summa Physical Therapy, and Willa had subsequently been accepted for the free month membership at the YMCA through the after-therapy program. Willa loved the fact that she could be mobile again. 
Mrs. Boling never realized that she could join the Y as a woman. She thought it was a "man thing." Being on a very limited budget and with the help of an Annual Campaign Scholarship, Willa joined the Lake Anna YMCA.
Willa now faithfully participates in Warm Water Arthrities class three days per week.
"When I wake up and see it's Y day, I'm so happy," said Willa. "I don't feel like I'm 90."
Will feels truly blessed with her new Y friends that she has made and says they have enriched her life and keep her going.

Building Confidence 

Jerod Robinson and his family joined the Lake Anna YMCA in January 2014. Shortly thereafter, Jerod signed up for personal training. He has worked with YMCA personal trainer Shane Dantz and has seen some life-changing results. As of August 2015, Jerod has lost 39 pounds. He is now 15 years old and in great shape.

"I have more energy, it's easier to move, and I feel better," said Jerod. "I'm more motivated and positive because of my extra energy."

Jerod has attributed much of his success to the Lake Anna YMCA and its staff members, citing the Y's safe, enjoyable and friendly environment. 

"I feel better talking and interacting with people much more," said Jerod. "Overall I am more confident having the weight off and it has benefited my life."

Jerod never liked to workout before starting his personal training at the Y, but now that has changed.

"I now look forward to working out," Jerod said. "I feel and look much better and live a much healthier lifestyle now."

Obsessed with the YMCA

The West family moved to Barberton from St. Louis in August of 2015, and they were quickly introduced to the YMCA through the 3rd grade water safety program at the Lake Anna YMCA. This 6-week program each fall is a partnership between the Barberton schools, Barberton Community Foundation and Lake Anna YMCA which gives every 3rd grader in Barberton the opportunity to learn how to swim. In the past 5 years alone, over 1,300 kids have been impacted through this program.

"Oak quickly became obsessed with the YMCA," said Oak's mom Gwen. "He went from a small private school in St. Louis to a large public school in Barberton so the social time really helped Oak adjust well to the new environment."

Earlier this year, Oak was afraid to get his face wet. After the program, his parents were impressed to see him not only full submerge, but also float independently. Oak said his favorite thing he learned through the program is a "reaching assist" where the kids learn how to use various flotation devices to help save someone in the pool from the deck. Oak enjoyed the program so much he said he wants to be a YMCA teacher and lifeguard when he grows up.

The West's are still in transition finding work in the area, so they applied for a membership scholarship in the meantime so their whole family can enjoy the impact Oak has received from the Y.

A Beacon in the Storm- July, 2013 
After 16 consecutive days of rain pushed the limits of Barberton, Ohio’s waterways and storm sewers, the City was hit with five inches of rain in a few short hours on July 10, 2013. 

The worst flooding the City had ever seen displaced hundreds of people!

Barberton Mayor Bill Judge reached out to Brian Bidlingmyer, the Executive Director of the Lake YMCA, and Brian assured him the Y would help in any way they could.  The Y served as a Red Cross Disaster Relief Shelter for displaced residents. Over nine days, the Y housed fifteen individuals and distributed clean up kits, clothing and toiletries to those in need.

Mayor Judge expressed his heart felt gratitude to the Y and went on to explain, “the Lake Anna Y coordinated relief efforts with the City, the Salvation Army, the American Red Cross, and the Summit County Public Health Department, as well as volunteers from the community.“

Julie and her husband Chris were evacuated from a local hotel and stayed at the Y.  “We only had a few minutes to grab whatever we could. The water was rising very fast,” Julie gasped.  “We just grabbed a few clothes and fled.”

As the City of Barberton started down the road to recovery, the damage to some homes was beyond repair. The Y took action, working with the local Howard Hanna Real Estate Agency to find housing for those residents. Thanks to the generous support of donors to the Disaster Relief Fund, seven families were provided with both housing and furnishings.

“I simply cannot thank the Y enough for all they have done for us,” said Julie.  “It means so much to me to know there are people out there who care!”

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