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Since 1972, the YMCA Phoenix Alternative School is recognized throughout the country as a pioneer in providing alternative education and behavioral modification management services for special needs students referred by local public school districts or the Summit County Juvenile Court. This school serves nearly 200 youth per year, in grades 4 – 12, who are unable to maintain proper behavior in a traditional school setting. 

Funded by the United Way of Summit County, Summit County Juvenile Court and various local school districts, including Akron Public Schools, our objective is to successfully transition students back into their home school district by teaching behavioral management through a team approach. A teacher is responsible for academic development and a case manager is responsible for teaching students how to make better choices. 
The East Akron YMCA also sponsors  the Minority Achievers Program, which is funded by the Akron Community Foundation, City of Akron and Ranstad USA.

Our Philosophy

The YMCA Phoenix Alternative School uses the ‘Normative Philosophy’ of peer empowerment to govern its students and teach them how to work together, as a community. Communal team building is emphasized and reinforced to help each member reach his or her individual service plan. Program staff continuously model the ‘one-for-all, all-for-one’ mentality, assisting in the adaptation of this philosophy as a basis of the program’s facilitation.
Students learn to set expectations or ‘norms’ for desired classroom and program-wide behaviors. When behavior occurs that is deemed inappropriate or outside of the communal norms, it is the responsibility of the community (group) to positively confront the behavior and seek a solution together.
How does this program impact the student?

The YMCA Phoenix Alternative School creates a positive change in the student’s attitude and view on life. The program challenges the student to take responsibility for his or her actions. With a strong emphasis on discipline and character development, the program provides the student with the behavioral management tools needed to achieve their goals.

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