At the Riverfront YMCA Gymnastics department we specialize in movement education. Our coaches create a curriculum suitable for a variety of ages and skill levels to assist the progression for our young athletes. As instructors, our goal is to teach our participants how to become coachable athletes and confident children in a fun and safe environment. We aim to create a foundation on which the children can build endurance and coordination in an enjoyable atmosphere where friendships and success grow and flourish.

Our preschool age and program classes help children develop their confidence, independence, progression and breaking out of their comfort zones.  

Our progressive classes consist of Beginners, Boys Tumbling, Intermediate I and II, Advanced and Elite. During our session's practices gymnasts will be working with their coaches training on the floor vault, balance beam and bars, as well as strength and conditioning in preparation for a role as a Riverfront Gym Angel, our competitive gymnastics team.


For a full list of our gymnastics courses please click here.  



Gymnasts should wear appropriate gymnastics (athletic) attire to encourage a comfortable class for the gymnast, coaches, and patrons.

What to wear: leotard (not mandatory), shorts, leggings, tank top, t-shirt, comfortable athletic wear

Hair should be pulled back. You are welcome to bring a hair tie and one of our coaches can assist you.

Please do not wear: socks, dangling jewelry, jeans, spandex and sports bra combo outfits


Make-up class policy

We do offer make-up classes! If you know in advanced that you will be missing a class, talk to your child's coach or a Member Service Representative at the front desk and they will review class options with you.


Trust the process of progression

At the beginning of each session the coaches create a testing sheet that gymnasts receive week 6 of each session indicating if they have to retake the class or can progress to the next course level. In order to move up to the next level at the end of each session the gymnasts will be tested on various skills that they will learn, train, and perfect. As coaches, we teach them not only how to do each skill but how to implement control, confidence, and safety each time they practice that skill.  


Behavior policies

It's hard to expect a child to sit still throughout a gymnastics class. We give many opportunities for children to learn from their mistakes. There is a behavior protocol that we follow should a child's behavior become uncontrollable or a distraction to other children in their class. The instructor begins with a warning and an explanation to the child when they misbehave. If their behavior continues, we bring them to their parent or guardian and they have to either sit outside the gym for a time-out or for the rest of class depending on the situation. It is important that instructors use our session time wisely and ensure each class is beneficial for everyone.


Private Lessons

We offer opportunities for one-to-one private lessons to work on difficult skills that may need a little more attention and development. If you are interested, please speak to an instructor or contact Olivia Morelli, the Gymnastics Program Coordinator.


Contact information 

For more information about our gymnastics program please contact:

Alayna Durbin
Gymnastics Program Coordinator
330.923.9622 ext 1940