Drew's Story

Drew’s first experience with Rotary Camp was located at a very familiar setting, Happy Day School, where he attended early intervention.  He attended the summer day camp in 2013.  I then learned of the Respite Program at Rex Lake.  I immediately was reluctant when this was suggested.  “You mean leave him for the entire weekend with strangers I have never met?” What if he had a meltdown, aggressive behavior, ran off, or simply got homesick? We started with the school day off program so Drew could get familiar with his surroundings.  After picking him up from the very first day I was certain that we could try this respite program. The fact they do not call the parents to pick them up unless an emergency was a different concept to me. He absolutely loved it! By this time I knew Drew would enjoy the week long overnight program as well as the day camp. He was I now saying “I’m a camper!’ all the time.

Stating that Rotary camp has helped Drew and my family is an understatement.  Being a single mother of two boys, respite camp enabled me to spend one on one time with Drew’s 7 year old brother, Alex.  Alex was also able to attend siblings’ week and experience all the fun camp activities just like his brother!  This would not have possible without the generous donors.

Drew is now experiencing things like boating, swimming, campfires, climbing rock walls, making new friends, and so much more at this beautiful camp. I am amazed by each and every counselor.  I no longer have this nervous feeling when leaving Drew with these “strangers” who now all know his name and greet him with such enthusiasm!