"Brady started going to weekend camps at Rex Lake in September 2014. JJ and I will never forget that first time. What if he isn't happy? He's never been away from home at night. What if he's scared? Well, he was none of those things. He loved it. And when we picked him up, he wanted to know the date of the next camp."

"Rotary camp is changing him and us so much. Brady isn't just being babysat. He's learning, interacting, having fun – as any 8 year old should. Camp is affecting other parts of his life too. He's become a lot more independent. He has started to interact more at school and at home. It's changed JJ and I too. We have been able to relax more, knowing he's in great hands and is having the time of his life."

"We can only imagine how the 5 night camps this summer will affect him. We do know it will be positive, and we can't wait to hear all of his stories. We are thankful for the Rotary Camp staff and counselors for taking such good care of Brady. They are helping Brady come into his own."