Cohen's Story

This was Cohen's first summer at Akron Rotary Camp, and we were so excited to send him there! As expected, his first few days were rough, new faces new friends, new routine — but before long, Cohen was excited to get on the bus to camp, and would answer with an enthusiastic “yeah!” when I would ask if he wanted to go.
Every day, the counselors would send home a paper, saying the activities Cohen did for the day, if he ate his lunch, and what qualities he showed for the day. The counselors kept writing Cohen went on the boat today and Cohen loves the boat. I would read these and think, they must write these on all the kid’s papers. Then we were driving around the lakes one day, and there was a parked pontoon boat in someone’s driveway. Cohen pointed to it and shouted, “Look! Look!”
“Is that a boat, bud?” I said. "Did you go on a boat?"
"Yeah!" Said Cohen. “Yeah!”
I couldn't believe it! He did go on a boat! I called everyone and made a Facebook post about it. I was so proud he did it! Then, the pictures came home and he was on a boat and in a life jacket! Cohen was on the trampoline, in the middle of the lake, and wearing a life jacket! Never did I think he would wear a life jacket, and get on a boat, and get on the trampoline in the lake! We were all so excited at the pictures, and Cohen was so proud looking at them, he knew we were proud too!

The Akron Rotary Camp has given Cohen and my family hope, and courage. What we thought couldn't be done, they did. It helped to show us that anything is possible, we just have to try. We are forever grateful for this experience, and plan to have Cohen return to camp next summer.

Thank you for all of your hard work, and most importantly, the way you all genuinely care for these kids. It was a scary thought at first to trust someone with my son who can't swim in a lake and on a boat without me, but we would do it all over again, and plan to.