Emily's Story

Akron Rotary Camp brings bright smiles to Emily's face before, during and after camp!

She smiles as she helps pack her bags, gathers a costume or props to go with the fun theme of the week or weekend, and talks excitedly about seeing her treasured camp friends.
During camp, she smiles especially big when singing camp songs, swimming (she always goes to the 7:30am Polar Bear Swim!), talking with friends and getting hugs!
After camp, Emily smiles excitedly as she shows us the crafts she made and the report from the counselors.  She talks about spraying her own whipped cream on her waffles, hunting for dinosaur eggs or buried treasure, dancing and getting her nails painted like typical teenage girls at a sleepover.
The biggest smile of all comes on the way home when Emily asks, "when do I go back to camp?" And we smile and say "very soon!"