Every Smile Has A Story

"A child's smile is one of life's greatest blessings." — Unknown
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Being a single mother of two boys, respite camp enabled me to spend one on one time with Drew’s 7 year old brother, Alex.  Alex was also able to attend siblings’ week and experience all the fun camp activities just like his brother!
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From the very first time Wilson went to camp, it was all about the things Wilson could do. This meant the world to us after spending countless hours in meetings that the primary focus was on what Wilson couldn't do.
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When we talk to her about days at camp, she grins from ear to ear. At times, she gets so excited, she screams in exhilaration. Even after long hot days when she is sleepy and exhausted, she still smiles about her day at camp.
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Akron Rotary Camp is changing him and us so much. Brady isn't just being babysat. He's learning, interacting, having fun – as any 8 year old should.
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For the first time, I saw a smile that I had never seen before. I can credit Jordin's happiness and great progress to the Akron Rotary Camp.
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Ben loves everything at Akron Rotary Camp. Cabin time is special to him because he can share his favorite moments of the day with friends. Camp just makes Ben smile.
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A 9-year-old who was terrified of water is now a 17-year-old water bug. A 9-year-old who relied on mom to help with everyday self help needs is a pretty independent 17-year-old. But most importantly, a 9-year-old with no friends has a cabin full of friends every month.
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Never did I think he would wear a life jacket, and get on a boat, and get on the trampoline in the lake! We were all so excited at the pictures, and Cohen was so proud looking at them, he knew we were proud too!
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The biggest smile of all comes on the way home when Emily asks, when do I go back to camp? And we smile and say very soon!       
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No matter what the circumstances, every parent hopes their child will succeed. Sometimes life teaches us that our expectations need to be re-calibrated, but success can be measured by an infinite number of possibilities.
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For the first time since I was diagnosed I felt like I was a kid, instead of a kid with a disability. While I was admittedly overwhelmed at times the first week and withdrew and lashed out emotionally, the counselors were patient and compassionate. I genuinely felt glad to be there.
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