Lindsay's Story

For many years, my daughter Lindsay attended summer school through the Stow-Munroe Falls schools where she is a student in the multiple disabilities program. When she was 12 her father and I knew she needed new challenges and opportunities.
Initially, the idea of sending Lindsay off on a bus to an outdoor camp far away from our home in Stow was frightening and caused me more than a little anxiety. Lindsay had never been an outdoor kind of girl. She didn't seem interested in sports, hiking or other outdoor activities.

We had heard so many good things about Akron Rotary Camp from other parents, school personnel, and the staff at the Summit Developmental Disabilities Board that it seemed worth a try for a summer.

I am happy to say that summer was an unqualified huge success! The sense of independence Lindsay felt from riding the camp bus to and from Stow every day was amazing. She participated in activities I never imagined she would:  kayaking, boating, hiking and swimming in a big lake instead of the pool.

Most importantly, Lindsay has made Akron Rotary Camp her place. She doesn't have to be anybody but herself there, and she can be as independent as she is able to be, without a parent, teacher, grandparent or anyone else nearby. She's made friends and built relationships with the other campers and counselors and was thrilled to go back for a third summer in 2013. I couldn't be more proud of all the things Lindsay has accomplished at Akron Rotary Camp.

No matter what the circumstances, every parent hopes his or her child will succeed. Sometimes life teaches us that our expectations need to be re-calibrated, but success can be measured by an infinite number of possibilities. The Akron Rotary Camp has been such a big part of helping my daughter achieve success, and for that I will be forever grateful.