Akron Rotary Camp SiblingS Camp

Each year Rotary Camp provides a unique experience for the siblings of our campers. Siblings of our campers with special needs, ages 6-17, can attend a week(s) during the summer, that work best for the family. Our siblings will be put into a cabin of their peers and get the opportunity to experience all of the amazing activities and experiences that their brothers and sisters get to experience while at camp.

What Makes Siblings Camp So Special?

Sibling camp allows your typical developing camper to participate in all the amazing camp activities they hear so much about. Through these shared experiences siblings will create memories that last a lifetime and stories they can share. At camp, there are no labels or societal restrictions, so our siblings get to see their brother or sister in a label free zone. 

The goal of sibling camp is that our typical developing campers will leave camp with a new appreciation for their brother or sister, and also find more ways to help their sibling with the challenges they may face every day. Another benefit of sibling's camp is that they will get to meet other individuals who have siblings with special needs. It's a great way for them to connect with others who have a similar family situation as they do.