"Akron Rotary Camp is the best thing that has ever happened to our son, Wilson."

"From the very first time Wilson went to camp, it was about all the things Wilson could do. This meant the world to us after spending countless hours in meetings that the primary focus was on what Wilson couldn’t do. He is able to expand his interests by trying new things, like boating and fishing, as well doing one of his favorite activities, swimming!"

"Wilson had never spent the night away from his parents until he tried a respite weekend. Of course we were very anxious. Would he like it? How would they know what he needed? We couldn’t wait to pick him up on Sunday."

"When we came back, he was full of smiles, sitting in the center of his bed with boys around him. Not only did he have fun, but he made a friend or two. A day neither of his parents will soon forget. Each and every time we return now, he screams with joy and claps his hands as soon as we hit Rex Rd."

"We will be forever grateful to Rotary Camp for giving our son so much joy!"