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Updated 05/08/2020 @ 11:30am

Thank you to all of our YMCA staff who continue to help the YMCA serve our communities during the temporary disruptions brought to us by COVID-19.  Below, please find our most recent information for all of our staff including staff information memos and a FAQ that will grow with your questions. If you have any questions please email us at hr@akronymca.org.

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Frequently Asked Questions

YMCA Branch & Program Reopenings (updated 05/15/2020)
When will YMCA branches and programs reopen? (Updated 05/15/2020)

The governor has announced potential reopening dates for several YMCA programs provided that they follow the Sector Specific Operating Requirements defined by the Ohio Department of Health. The YMCA is diligently evaluating our ability to meet the requirements and establishing reopening plans. But we do not have exact dates for every location and program. Keep checking back here for updated information. The following are the earliest possible opening dates for each segment defined by the State of Ohio.

  • Gyms, May 26th
  • Child Care & Day Camps, May 31st
  • Pools Regulated by Local Health Depts, May 26th
Will I return to work when the Y reopens? (Updated 05/01/2020)

We will continue to regularly assess the circumstance, recalling laid-off employees as our business needs warrant.  This return-to-work will initially be based on job function and then by scheduling need.  We anticipate that at first our facility and program usage will be low and our staffing needs will be lower at first, increasing with usage. At this time, we do not have a time frame for if and when this will occur in your particular situation.

Safety Protocols (new 05/08/2020)

We’re following guidance from health experts and local officials to determine the safest way to serve everyone in our community. The YMCA will comply with all industry specific safety protocols provided by the State of Ohio as they are made available. The saftey of our staff and members is our highest priority. The following protocols are in place:

Do I have to wear a facial covering (mask)?

Yes. All employees must wear facial covering while at work. There are a few exceptions.

  • When you are working alone in your office. When leaving your office or when you have a guest in your office, you must put your facial covering on.
  • All other exceptions must be approved by Human Resources BEFORE being allowed.
Can I work from Home?

Many jobs to do not lend themselves to working from home; they simply cannot be done remotely. If you have work that can be done remotely, you must gain approval from your supervisor to do so. Do not assume that previous authorization to work remotely constitutes ongoing permission. Talk to your supervisor to gain approval and establish a schedule that is appropriate for your role. New Telework policies are forthcoming.

Do I have to complete a Daily Health Assessment?

Yes. Every day when you report to work you must complete the Daily Health Assessment regardless of your work environment. When possible another staff person should conduct the health assessment; but if this isn't possible you can conduct the health assessment yourself. You must do this daily at the time you report to work; you cannot backfill the assessment for previous dates or an earlier report to work.

If an employee reports YES or has a tempurature at or over 100.4 degrees they must leave immediately and cannot return until the defined conditions are met.

  • He or she has had no fever for at least three days without taking medication to reduce fever during that time; AND
  • Any respiratory symptoms (cough and shortness of breath) have improved for at least three days; AND
  • At least seven days have passed since symptoms began.

Employee may return to work earlier with a doctor’s written release confirming the cause of the symptoms is not COVID-19.

Employees diagnosed with COVID-19 must provide a doctor’s written return to work release and be approved by Human Resources before returning to work.

Are Employee Health Assessments legal?

Yes. The EEOC has issued guidance that during a pandemic employers may conduct health screenings based on the symptoms of that pandemic and that a medical professional is not required to take tempuratures. Additionally the guidance states that employers can send symptomatic employees home. Documentation of these health checks should be treated as protected health information and take appropriate confidentiality measures.

What if an employee does not follow these guidelines?

Employees who do not follow the saftey protocols will be subject to the the Y's disciplinary proceedures up to and including suspension and/or termination.

Layoff & Unemployment Info

Due to the economic impact of COVID-19 and mandatory facility and program closures, the Akron Area Y has been forced to implement measures to ensure our financial stability for the long haul. we must make some very difficult personnel decisions, in the form of layoffs. Most Part Time Positions are affected by this layoff starting on 04/04/2020.

Mass Layoff & Unemployment Account Number (Updated 05/01/2020)

All Ohio employees liad off due to the econic impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic should provide the following mass-layoff number - 2000180 - when applying for benefits.

For more information, please see the ODJFS Coronavirus and Unemployment Insurance Benefits: Employee Resource Hub.

  • Mass Layoff #:  2000180
  • Federal Tax ID #:  34-0714727
  • UC Account Number:  0831808-00-9
  • Address:  50 S. Main St.  Suite LL100, Akron, OH 44308
Should I apply for Unemployment? (updated 04/01/2020)

Laid off employees and employees with a reduction in hours may be eligible for unemployment benefits under these circumstances.  Your earliest possible effective date is 04/04/2020 because you will be  paid through 04/03/2020.

Please view these resources from Ohio's Unemployment Insurance division of ODJFS to help you get started.

How do I find my Work Hours/Pay History?

You can get this information from your KRONOS Account at any time.  Log into Kronos and go to My Info > My Pay > Pay History > Pay Statements.  Your pay statements tell you the number of hours you worked and the pay received.  If you click "History" you can select a custom date range.  If you click "Pay Statement" on any of the pays, you'll view a detailed pay statement and you can download a PDF of that statement to save on your local computer or print.

What should I do if my unemployment claim was Denied? (Updated 05/01/2020)

The Ohio Unemployment Department of ODJFS is still working to keep up with the changes being mandated by the federal government and striving to keep up with the massive number of claims.  Their systems have in many cases sent notifications that claims have been denied even though the new standards set in the FFCRA act should have allowed them.  ODFJS has some recommendations in their FAQ on their website.  Please visit (click here) for more information. If you feel your claim should not have been denied, you should re-file or appeal your claim. Be sure to use our account number and correct address listed above.

Memos & Letters to Staff
Lay Off Notification Of Part Time Staff (click here) Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Updates & Clarifications (click here)

  • Licensed child cares closing March 20th
  • Pandemic Care Centers opening March 23rd
  • Pay continuation clarification
  • Announce www.akronymca.org/staff page
Thursday, March 19th, 2020
Branch Closures & Pay (click here)
Monday, March 16th, 2020

Pandemic Care Centers
Who will work at the Pandemic Childcare Centers? (Updated 05/01/2020)

Each center will be creating their staffing schedule weekly. Please check in with your supervisor to find out if you are scheduled to work at a pandemic center.  Full time staff and staff with seniority will be prioritized when possible to fill the schedule.

Updating Your Employee Records
How do I update my Direct Deposit? (Updated 05/01/2020)

Direct deposit changes must be completed 7 days prior to your pay day. To add or update your direct deposit settings log into Kronos and navigate to My Info > My Pay > Direct Deposit. If you do not have direct deposit set up, your paper check will be mailed to you and will be subject to US Postal service delivery times.

How Do I update My Contact Information in Kronos?

It is imporant that we have your most recent contact information in Kronos so that we can stay in touch with you.  If you'r home address, phone number, or email address information has changed recently, please update your Kronos account.

  • Log in to Kronos
  • Main Menu > My Info
  • My Information > My Profile
  • Update your contact information
  • Click SAVE

Older Question Archive

How will my wages be calculated through April 3rd?

Your supervisor will enter time on your time sheet for you for the time that you would have been scheduled to work if you had not been sent home by the YMCA due to closures, cancellations, or low attendance.  If you would not have been working because you requested time off for vacation, requested to end a shift early, or removed yourself from the schedule for other reasons, those hours will not be eligible for this pay.  If you are not sure, check in with your supervisor.

Example:  A student who went home due to university closures and removed themselves from work because they were leaving town is not eligible for this pay.

What if I am Scheduled to Work but Don't Want To Through April 3rd?

If you are a staff member scheduled to work and you are ill, under mandatory quarantine, living with, or caring for someone who is ill or under mandatory quarantine due to COVID-19, you will not be required to report to work or use sick time for this.

If you are a staff member scheduled to work but choose not to work, you will not be compensated for this time.  All other time off policies will be in effect, including call off procedures.

Families First Coronavirus Recovery Act (FFCRA)

The Federal Government Passed into law FFCRA in March.  The changes to paid leave under FMLA and the Emergency Paid Sick Leave in this Act do not apply to the Akron YMCA because we have over 500 employees.  While the Paid Sick Leave act does not apply to us, we may be able to help.  If you have questions, contact our human resources department.  NOTE:  The Governor's stay-at-home order does not count as any type of quarantine for the purposes of FFCRA.

Labor Poster WH1422 v3-2020

I have a question not addressed here

We are working hard to make decisions in this environment that is changing daily.  We won't be able to make every decision to suit every situation, but we are trying.  If you have a question, please check in with your supervisor or send your question to hr@akronymca.org.