Youth & Adult Sports Best Practices

Character Development
  • All sports will incorporate the Core Values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility & Faith into their coaches trainings, and make sure these pillars are implemented into the program
  • Programs will emphasize team work, good sportsmanship, and teach sport specific skills that will help each person gain the skills needed to become more successful in the sport
  • Programs are encouraged to have maximum participation regardless of the skill level
  • A small group discussion about a core value should happen at the beginning or end of each program   


  • All branches will be consistent with their basic prices based on season length and facility
  • Program pricing will be recommended ahead of time by the Focus Group; and approved by the Executive Directors and 
  • Associate Service staff
  • Season lengths will be consistent as much as possible among branches according to the availability of the facility and the needs of the community


  • Rules will be specific to the sports being played and consistent among all the branches
  • A coaches training and/or information will be provided for each sport explaining the rules and expectations of the program
  • A parent meeting will be provided prior to the start of each program  


  • Branches will distribute program flyers to schools when registration for the program begins (if possible)
  • Branches will contact previous participants of a program about the starting of the new program by mail, phone call, or e-mail
  • Branches will do at least one PSA about new programs for each session
  • Branches will promote their programs on their web page, Facebook account, and Twitter
  • Branches will offer sports specific clinics as a kickoff to a season or as a means to give a sneak peak at a program to promote it the upcoming season
  • Reach out to Judi Christy ( about information to send out about programs, leagues, registration details, etc.


  • Branches will give evaluation cards to participants or the participants parent at the end of each program
  • Branches will give an evaluation card to volunteers and coaches at the end of each program
  • Branches will use the SEI survey during sessions asked by Helena Peters


  • Branches will provide training for programs of the directors choice to staff & coaches
  • Training will be sports specific
  • Training will incorporate the Y’s Sport’s Philosophy
  • Training will incorporate the Y’s Mission & Core Values

Contact Information

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Akron, Ohio 44308
(330) 376-1335