Inspire. Be a Campaigner.

Become a Annual Campaign Volunteer. Stories are fun, memorable and most importantly, have an impact on others. Has anyone ever told you a story that changed your life? Influenced you to take a chance? Gave you hope? Or inspired you to take the lead? Share your YMCA experiences with existing contributors, friends, family, neighbors and YMCA members and touch the lives of others.

Campaigner's Responsibilities

  • Be personally committed to the Annual Campaign. Be active and
    enthusiastic about it.
  • Attend campaigner welcome/leadership training session.
  • Make your personal pledge
  • Contact your assigned people/companies to pledge to the campaign
  • Invite 2 or 3 additional prospects to pledge to the campaign
  • Turn in completed pledge cards and donations to the branch
    Executive Director weekly.
  • Turn in un-pledged, pledge cards by April 15th to Branch
    Executive Director with any notes about the person
  • Evaluate the campaign and offer suggestions for next year

Contact Information

Akron Area YMCA
50 S. Main Street, Ste. LL 100
Akron, Ohio 44308
(330) 376-1335