want to try racquetball?

Have you ever considered playing but just don't know where to start or what the rules are? 

Well fear not! Here at Kohl Family YMCA we have a league that is designed just for you! Whether you are a beginner or have the skills to hang with the best of them, we want you! 

Our group of seasoned veterans will teach you everything you need to know about the game. 

When is the racquetball league?

Anytime of the day we are open, you can play! You can find our group of players here typically on weekday mornings bright and early! We have 3 courts to play on so you will always be able to play.

Are you a competitive type of player? Come try our "King of the court" game! What is King of the court you might ask? Well every Friday morning a group of 5-6 players come in and play a game just for some added fun. It's all open form, doubles, and the winner stays on the court until they lose! no need to call, just show up and be ready to play. 

What should i bring?

We will provide you with a racket and the ball if you don't have your own, but it is suggested that you bring a pair of protection eye glasses just to be safe! 

For more information you can contact the league organizer, Scott Ouellette, by phone or email which are provided below. 

phone: 330-714-1013

email: souellette59@yahoo.com