150 years

In 2020, the Akron Area YMCA proudly celebrates 150 years of strengthening our community. 

Since 1870, the mission of the Akron Area YMCA has been in control.

Fueled by faith and propelled by the practices of reaching ALL people through a connection of mind, body and spirit, the Akron Area YMCA has continued to launch lives, careers and passions for 150 and counting.

We’ve taught kids how to swim and Moms how to relax.  We’ve guided girls and boys, teamed up with corporations, given kids a strong start in school and led the way for campers of all ages and abilities..    We’ve built a few buildings and even more bridges; connecting people to people through programs that reinforce the rules of treating everyone with respect, dignity, care and compassion.  




Plan to attend our GALA event at Camp Y-Noah to celebrate the people and passion that have led to this milestone.

Members can take part in several personal challenges this year, including the 150-Point Challenge, where points are earned from March 1 - July 31 -- just by being smart about your health.  Get the details at the Member Service Desk or Fitness Desk at the branch.

For those of you who like to jump into our pools, we're introducing the 100-Mile Swim Club and (for 2020 only!) -- the 150-Mile Swim Challenge.

Click HERE to download more info...or ASK a member of your branch's Aquatics Team.