Tornado Procedures

April 1 marks the beginning of tornado season in Ohio. The season runs from April through July, but tornados can occur throughout the year. The most likely time for a tornado to develop is between 2 pm and 10 pm, but they can occur at any time of the day or night.

Tornado Watch

A tornado watch is issued when conditions are favorable for the development of tornados.

Tornado Warning

A tornado warning is issued when a tornado has been spotted or has been detected by
Doppler radar. When a warning is issued, most municipalities in Ohio will sound their
tornado siren if they are affected by the warning.

It is important to listen to your local media or a NOAA weather radio during any severe weather event for the most up-to-date weather information.

When Action Is Needed

Inside Buildings
Avoid windows. Go to the lowest floor, small center room (like a bathroom or closet), under a stairwell, or in an interior hallway with no windows. Crouch as low as possible to the floor, facing down; and cover your head with your hands. A bath tub may offer a shell of partial protection. Stay off the elevators; you could be trapped in them if the power is lost. Stay away from large open rooms like gyms and auditoriums.

In a Car or Bus
Vehicles are extremely dangerous in a tornado. If the tornado is visible, far away, and the traffic is light, you may be able to drive out of its path by moving at right angles to the tornado. Otherwise, park the vehicle as quickly and safely as possible. Seek shelter in a sturdy building. If in the open country, read the action plan below.

In the Open Outdoors
If possible, seek shelter in a sturdy building. If not, lie flat and face-down on low ground, protecting the back of your head with your arms. Get as far away from trees and cars as you can; they may be blown onto you in a tornado. 

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