Phase TWO In
OUr Re-Opening

What You Can Expect
as you ENTER the branches

  • You will be asked a few questions about your health.
  • You will need to self check-in with your membership card.
  • You will need to WASH your HANDS.
  • You will notice all staff wearing face masks.  You will be strongly encouraged, but not required, to wear a face masks.   
  • The 6'feet social distancing will be highlighted and monitored as you enter and throughout the workout area.
  • Not all machines will be in use to keep the safe distancing requirements. 
  • You will be asked to wipe off equipment and machines before / after use.  
  • There will be directional arrows to follow to help you navigate through the building and as you ENTER and EXIT.
  • You will not see couches, chairs or other gathering spaces.
  • You will not see a coffee machine.
  • Drinking fountains will be out-of-service; but fill-able water stations will be available.
  • There will be a 75-minute time limit for you to be in the building.  With regulations regarding capacity, we are hoping to accommodate all who wish to use the facility.  

What We Will Do DAILY 

  • Clean and disinfect all surfaces with frequent and regular schedules.
  • Ensure anti-bacterial agents and soap/water are available for your use.
  • Be vigilant in making sure ALL MEMBERS know and adhere to the practices set forth by our Association to keep everyone safe.
  • Make sure that our staff stays home if they are not feeling well.
  • Communicate any COVID-19 case, to our members and to the Dept. of Health, should it occur at our facility.
  • Be understanding of our members concerns and special needs and try to handle situations is a respectful and courteous manner.

THANK YOU -- for staying with us.