Veteran Presence

Mike Rienzi, a retired Army Veteran, works out at the Riverfront YMCA nearly every day and sometimes even comes twice per day when his work schedule allows. Mike served in the Army for 20 years before retiring in 2007. His years of service include a tour of duty in Iraq from 2003–2005.

Mike suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD) and says the Y has been perfect for him and has  played a huge role in helping him cope with this disorder.

When at the Y, Mike spends most of his time in the free weight room, but also uses the cardio equipment and basketball gym. On most Friday afternoons, Mike participates in the Riverfront YMCA’s open pickup basketball, which averages about 20 players each week.

Mike enjoys interacting with the friends he has made at the Y and always looks forward to playing basketball and lifting. He credits the Y for making him happier and keeping him young.

Like Mike, survey respondents from the Akron Area YMCA’s healthy living programs reported the following benefits:

97% experience improved physical health.

97% enjoy social interaction with others.

96% experience improved self-esteem.

Social Butterfly

Pat Bilick spent years working at a bakery, a job that kept her on her feet and moving. When Pat retired in 2011, she was determined to stay active. With “A body in motion stays in motion” as her motto, Pat decided to join the Riverfront YMCA in February 2012.

Pat is a social butterfly – always upbeat, friendly and positive. She exercises in the Wellness Center every weekday for 2-3 hours, utilizing both the cardio equipment and weight machines. She enjoys coming to the Y because of the friendly people and peaceful atmosphere.

“I look forward to seeing the regulars each day and catching up with them,” said Pat. “As soon as I walk in the door, there is a friendly staff person right there to greet me.”

Since joining the Y, Pat’s strength has increased and her weight has decreased. When she joined the Y, Pat could lift 90 pounds on the leg press. But now, after one of her fellow members challenged her to gradually increase her weight, Pat does 10 reps of 315 pounds on the leg press!

Pat is more confident and feels great. By sharing her story, she hopes to inspire others attempting to stay young by exercising. 

Like Pat, survey respondents from the Akron Area YMCA’s healthy living programs reported the following benefits:

97% experience improved physical health

96% experience improved self-esteem

97% enjoy social interaction with others

Motivation Delivers Results

The Akron Area YMCA’s LOSE4U weight loss program always serves to improve the quality of life for those who participate. Kristy Cino participates in LOSE4U at the Riverfront YMCA and has lost over 20 lbs as a result, but that’s not the only way she has benefited. Kristy’s confidence and motivation are the highest they’ve ever been in her life. 

Before Kristy decided to join LOSE4U, she never exercised. She wasn’t really worrying about staying active. By participating, she experienced first hand the benefits of leading a physically active lifestyle, and experienced increased motivation and determination. 

“I make time every day to do some kind of activity,” said Kristy. “I’m now signed up for a new class and I always look forward to all the different activities I can participate in.”

Kristy also explained that the positive experiences and good relationships with the other participants in the LOSE4U program also made an important impact on her motivation and dedication.

LOSE4U has increased Kristy’s motivation tremendously. From the personal trainers to the supportive teammates, every participant receives motivation and support. If it weren’t for LOSE4U, she may have never seen the results she has achieved.

Like Kristy, survey respondents from the Akron Area YMCA’s healthy living programs reported the following benefits:

97% enjoyed social interaction with staff and other participants. 

96% developed awareness of the benefits of physical activity.

95% experienced improved self-esteem.

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