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Youth Sports are More than
Trophies and T-Shirts

Youth Sports are a great way for kids to learn to interact and communicate with others.  Kids who become buddies on the field or on the court, often become chums in the classroom.  This type of "fitting in" and finding your tribe starts young -- often with youth activities like basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, dance, etc.  Through these early friendships, kids grow a support group that is a key thing to their development and well being.

Youth Sports naturally build teamwork.  Kids quickly learn that wins take more than one person and that everyone has role to learn and to play.  This spirit of cooperation is an invaluable aspect of everyday life.

Youth Sports also give kids a stronger sense of community.  They see how they are part of something bigger.

And true, we all like to get trophies and t-shirts -- the YOUTH SPORTS programs at the Y give kids something more -- Our core values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty Caring and Faith.

Start something new with your child.  Start a Youth Sport at the Y.

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