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Find out how you can earn up to 6 months of FREE membership by letting your friends share the joy, health and happiness that you've been experiencing with US.   

The Y is not only a great place to connect for health -- it's also proven a a great way for some lucky folks to find that special someone to share more than a membership. 


Anyone who knows Leah Ferencak would not be surprised to learn that her boyfriend, Teddy, was initially intrigued by her fiery personality.  In fact, it was this same personality that flat out told him that he was “arrogant, young and didn’t know a thing about life.”  Leah was 22 at the time; Teddy was 19.

But after that first explosive encounter at the Member Service Representative (MSR) Desk at the Riverfront YMCA, the two simmered down to somehow become best friends.  Together they share a love for nerdy retro adventures like Pokémon Go excursions, taking sightseeing trips to Target, binging on Netflix and finding new places to go to dinner.  The couple also connected on a church they enjoy attending together.

The Y was part of both of their lives at a young age.  Leah, who started swimming at the Y when she was 6 years old grew to love the sport, eventually becoming a lifeguard, swim instructor and member of the synchronized swimming team.  She’s currently the Aquatics Director at the Lake Anna YMCA and coordinator of the Akron Area’s very robust Safety Around Water program, plus the synchronized swimming coach at Lake County YMCA, where she has also steadily worked for ten year.  Teddy, who went to the Y as a youth and later became a gymnastic conditioning coach and MSR, no longer officially collects a Y paycheck. But he is a very visible Y volunteer, assisting Leah, his constant and confident companion, with the many things she has cooking at the Y – in an out of the pool.   

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