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MAYbe it's the right time to Join
If you've been tossing around the idea of joining the Y ... we MAY have your answer:  Pay the Day in May.  All through the month, you can join the dollar amount of the calendar date.

Join May 1 -- your Join fee is $1.  Join May 9 -- your join fee is $9 -- all the way through May 31.

Stop into your local Y on May 1st or throughout that month to take advantage of this great savings.  (Normal Join Fee is $50).  The Pay the Day fee is also available ON-LINE, after April 30.

Members Making an Impact
I want to be a leader

Currently a college student, Jarvis Johnson knows that despite the degree he attains, his main goal is to be a leader.  The creator the Leadership in Action program, as well as being a mentor for the Y-Achievers, Jarvis is the example of what can happen when paying it forward truly pays off.

Starting with Y-Achievers when he was in middle school, Jarvis experienced the tough love, discipline and reward of working with his own mentor, Mr. H. (John Hafford), who inspires him to lead a positive life and work with the same kind of kid that he used to be.  He hopes to stick with the group of young Y-Achievers until they become mentors like himself.

 “Start with where you’re at, but don’t be average.  Reach for your goal and then take it just a little bit farther.”


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