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Pay the day in May

 ends 5/31

Even if you haven't yet joined, you can still save with our "Pay the Day in May" promotion.  Through this  month only, you can join for the same dollar amount as the calendar date.  For example, you can join May 16 for $16*; join May 19 , for $19*, etc.

Our regular join fee is $50.
*All Join Fees are subject to tax.

Members Making an Impact
I want to be a leader

Currently a college student, Jarvis Johnson knows that despite the degree he attains, his main goal is to be a leader.  The creator of the Leadership in Action program, as well as being a mentor for the Y-Achievers, Jarvis is the example of what can happen when paying it forward truly pays off.

Starting with Y-Achievers when he was in middle school, Jarvis experienced the tough love, discipline and reward of working with his own mentor, Mr. H. (John Hafford), who inspires him to lead a positive life and work with the same kind of kid that he used to be.  He hopes to stick with the group of young Y-Achievers until they become mentors like himself.

 “Start with where you’re at, but don’t be average.  Reach for your goal and then take it just a little bit farther.”