Making a Positive Impact

"The Heart of the Matter" with a photo of John Baisden

The Heart of the Matter

Heart Health
John Baisden worked hard his whole life, including the last 20 years working outdoors, in all conditions, as a cable guy. (Cue the jokes!) But no one was laughing on the day that John discovered that his lungs were filling up with fluid due to bout with poison ivy that had gone internal.
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Two older women holding balls with the title of the article on the right

"It's finally time to care for me."

Silver Sneakers
At 75, Beverly Grubke (pictured above, right) who spent much of her life being defined as a caregiver, now proudly describes herself as being fine, foxy, and vivacious. Those who see her at the Y – almost every day – would certainly agree.
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Nate Smith

Honor. Courage. Commitment.

Mission Moments
The loss of his Dad could have derailed Nate Smith, but his commitment to family kept him on track.  Working to help pay the bills, Nate took a pause from school, that he later tackled – full speed ahead – to get his diploma.  This was his first step in pursuing a career that he’d dreamed of as a boy.
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