Evening Activities

If your experience includes an overnight component, we will make your evening memorable. The following is a list of just some of the evening activities we can offer to your school.

The staff puts on an hour of interactive entertainment for your school! From sing along to skits, we go all out to make sure the students enjoy our silly act.

Dutch Auction
We split the students up into groups and have them compete against each other and the teachers. We come up with something that the group has to perform either with one member of the group or as a team. Then a group of judges rates each team for points.

Night Hike
Explore life in the dark. We discuss the stars, nocturnal animals, visual sensory of the human eye and play games!

Skit Night
We turn the stage over to the student's creativity! It is the student's turn to show us how to act silly. We even teach different ways to applaud.

Square Dancing
The students will learn the Virginia Reel. Held in our historic Kastner Lodge, this activity teaches an American Tradition to all.

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