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Buzzing with EnthusiasM 

Ayesha Nurruddin


It’s fitting that Ayesha Nurruddin is partial to the bee.  Pictures of them are in her office; she wears a jewelry-version on her lapel.  Ayesha buzzes with enthusiasm for her family and her faith.  Her smile is as sweet as honey.  As a registered dietitian, she operates Beyond Eating, an organization helping individuals or groups gain a solid foundation of information on which to base their eating choices that will lead them to their optimal nutritional status, health and wholeness.

She walks the talk, most certainly.

Recently representing Ohio in the Senior Games in New Mexico, Ayesha swam in the 100 yard backstroke and 500 yard freestyle.  She earned her place after winning silver and gold medals in the qualifying Senior Games, last year in Columbus.  “In Ohio, I swam the 500-yard freestyle in 12 minutes.  My goals for going the (national) games were to do my best, bring glory to God in my body, and have fun.  I did all three,” she said.

Although she came in last in the 500-yard event, Ayesha was still smiling and quoting the Bible, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end." The event may have taken her 20 minutes, she said that she got cheers from everyone and definitely had fun.

A tri-athlete earlier in life, Ayesha began her swimming routine at Kohl Family Y came after stints at other non-Y facilities.

“The day I first walked into the Y, I was very pleasantly surprised to see many people I have known for years and had not seen for a very long time.  It was nice to reconnect.  This Y has a peaceful, inviting, homey atmosphere. The staff and people who come are friendly and helpful.”

Now that the Senior Games are over, Ayesha says she plans to stay at the Y and take part is some of the other programs offered outside of the pool.

“I made up my mind that instead of my children taking me to doctor’s appointment, they’ll be driving me to competitions.”

We don’t doubt it for a minute.

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