Expand Classroom Boundaries

YMCA Camp Y-Noah provides hands-on, outdoor environmental education classes, encompassing science and nature. We follow the State of Ohio Revised Education Standards to offer courses that meet your needs as a school, and our outdoor environment meets the needs of the students to be outdoors and learn experientially.

Join our staff of trained facilitators for Low or High Adventure on our Challenge Courses and get involved with our well-rounded programs, such as horsemanship classes at the ranch, canoeing on the lake or nature trail discovery hikes. The Camp Y-Noah staff tailors your group's experience to compliment any curriculum. Certain elements have age limits, but we may be able to modify certain aspects to fit your needs.

Camp Y-Noah's Outdoor Education Goals:

  • Present a safe outdoor environment for all who participate.
  • Provide an environment that nurtures learning and growth.
  • Teach awareness and about positive stewardship of the Earth   
  • Get the students into the outdoors to show the benefit of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Teach the core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Faith


Team Building

Whether a school class, athletic team, church group, community organization or corporation, Camp Y-Noah facilitators have access to the Alpine Tower, climbing wall, high ropes course, low ropes elements, mobile initiatives and large and small group activities to transform any group into an effective team. A variety of team skills are implemented, practiced and evaluated into our programs. Camp staff assists you in identifying the needs of your group and develops a customized program to meet those needs. The group's progression is assessed throughout the stay and the program is directed accordingly.

Team Skills:

  • Positive communication
  • Creative problem solving methods
  • Shared leadership, encouragement and support
  • Adaptive management styles, giving and receiving feedback, cooperation and collaboration.

Challenge Course

Join our staff of trained facilitators for Low or High Adventure on our Challenge Courses. Certain elements do have age limits but we may be able to modify certain aspects to fit your needs. Read on for descriptions of the courses!

Low Ropes
This course helps reinforce the concepts of teamwork. Relying on ‘games with a purpose,’ our staff will lead the students through a variety of challenges that they must work together to solve. There is a possibility of being no more than a foot off the ground. We ask that students are at least 8 years old to participate on the Low Ropes Challenge Course and wear appropriate shoes.

Rock Climbing Wall
A climbing challenge for any age group. The Wall is a wonderful introduction to High Adventure challenges for younger students, or a celebratory experience for non-intensive team building.

High Ropes
In addition to our 25-foot climbing wall, this 9-element course is perfect for working on goal setting! The open design allows for several students to climb at one time. Challenging even for High School students, we ask that the students be at least 11 years old to participate in the High Ropes Course.

Alpine Tower
Our newest addition to our high adventure courses! This structure is 55-feet tall and there are many different ways to climb it. We ask that students are at least 13 years old to climb the Tower.

Classes Available - Call (330) 896-1964  for our list of classes.  
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For more information, feel free to call us at (330) 896-1964 or (877) GOT CAMP.
We look forward to providing you with an amazing outdoor experience!