The 2024 Summer Bucket List is officially LIVE!!!!!

Don't miss out on your chance to possibly win $2000 and/or a summertime cooler backpack!

If you'd like to participate in our Summer Bucket List click here or scan the QR code below

QR code Summer Bucket


More Information

How Do I Sign Up?

~Go into your branch and pick up one of our Summer Bucket List pamphlets at the front desk

~Once you get your pamphlet make sure to register through the QR provided on the pamphlet (the same QR code is above)

~You will have until July 16th to complete the Summer Bucket List

How Do I Complete The Bucket List?

~Once you do 20 of the activities on the back of your pamphlet you will be eligible for our prizes

~Once eligible fill out the second QR code on the front of the pamphlet to be entered in a raffle for the chance to win $2000!!!!

~After filling out that form, drop your pamphlet off at your branch, in the cooler backpack, by July 16th to be entered in a raffle to win that same cooler backpack!!!