You never know what we're going to dream up for programming.  If you have an idea of something that you child would love to learn at the Y, please let your branch know. In the mean time, take a look at some examples of programming we have offered below!

Little boy with dough on his hands

Aspiring Chefs

Aspiring chefs will chop, grate, measure, stir and whisk their way through a culinary journey. Not only will children learn an important life skill, cooking will improve concentration, fine motor skills and coordination. Advanced class may also be offered.

Two brothers

Babysitter Training

Boys and girls, ages, 11 – 14,  learn the business-side of babysitting but also the safety precautions of the job, including what to do during storms and  power outages as well as an overview of CPR and first aid.  

Dad with little girls

Family Fitness

A workout designed for the whole family, with children age 6 and older.  Family Fitness involves obstacle courses, games, sports and team building exercises.

Preschool craft

Preschool Arts and Crafts

Children, ages 3-5, will work on a new craft project, based on an age-appropriate book that will be read to them each week.

Two little boys wrestling

Youth Wrestling

Working with a wrestling coach, boys from Grades 1-6 will focus on tumbles, footwork drills, rules, and fundamentals along with pinning combination, escapes, and key nutrition components.