School's Out, but the Y's In! 

The Akron Area YMCA offers Before and After School Enrichment throughout Summit County. Parents and caregivers can be assured that skilled teachers and assistants are ready to provide skilled, intentional, and high-quality care for all of the children in our programs. 

Our program encompasses the lessons of the school day with the students' need to relax, refocus, and remember what it’s like to be a kid through engagement with their peers in age-appropriate topical conversations--plus games that foster friendship, belonging, and emotional maturity. Education is certainly part of the process, with individualized assistance with homework and learning by doing though fun activities that can include STEM or the arts.

The goal is to not replicate the school day by extending the pace and practice of the classroom. Instead, our Before and After School Childcare program offers a balance that while still focused, is centered on the individual, providing what he/she needs to be happy and healthy before going home.

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  • Students will participate in a daily rotating schedule that incorporates academic activities, homework help, physical activities, free and organized play, mind/board games and the arts.
  • Programs will support academic learning by including math and literacy activities derived from the Four Blocks Literacy Model and the Cincy Curriculum, both of which align with Ohio's K-12 standards.  
  • Programs will support physical well-being by using the CATCH curriculum to incorporate 30 minute session of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily, as well as promoting healthy eating habits.  See THRIVE program page for examples!)
  • Programs will support social and emotional well-being by partnering with Child Guidance and Family Solutions to integrate the Conscious Discipline model of social and emotional learning, as well as practice mindfulness techniques that will help students self-regulate.


Since its inception over 150 years ago, the Y has always put a focus on Youth Development. We take the concept of nurturing the Spirit, Mind, and Body seriously--and our Before and After School Enrichment programs are no exception. 
When you join the Y, you're joining a family. Our staff will take care of your children the way they would take care of their own. We are invested in both the success of your child AND the rest of your family!


Registration Packets are available online and in person at the branch in your child’s school district. You will need to complete the packet and return to the Child Care Director at the YMCA branch.

Our Before/After School program tries to align with the calendars of each school district we serve.

Depending on the school district and the branch, bussing may occur. This information will be covered in the specific Registration Packet as there will be waivers and other forms for a parent/guardian to complete.

Most YMCA Before and After School programs take place right at your child’s school. However, in some cases, the program is done at the Y branch. Please check with the Child Care Director at your branch for clarification.

Prices for Before and After Care vary from $45-75 per week. In some cases, there may be a reduced rate for those families who qualify.

Our Centers do accept public funding. However, it is up to the family to work with the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services or contact to apply for these services while meeting meet the necessary qualifications. Securing the okay from the State of Ohio needs to be done before applying to the Center, should the public funding benefit be sought for childcare.

We want everyone to have the chance to benefit from our Y Child Care. If you wish to use our Sliding Scale, please visit the desired location and bring your recent tax statement or OWF/TANF/SNAP documents/cards and a written letter explaining your need. Our staff can approve a discounted rate. If you do not have your 1040s OWF/TANF/SNAP documents/cards, our director review process may take 2 weeks.

You can also submit an application online for our membership branches

Please know that your fee cannot be totally eliminated and that you must reapply for this benefit every 12 months.

Before and After School Enrichment provides high quality programing to children ages Kindergarten-5th grade. With a focus on “Success in School & Life”, children have the support to achieve school benchmarks and life skills after school. Students participate in rotating schedule that incorporates academic learning, homework help, physically fitness.