Members may put their membership on-hold for a maximum of 6 months, in a rolling 12 month period, free of charge.   While on-hold the member will not be charged their monthly membership dues. The membership will be inactive during this time and the member will forgo access to all facilities. If a member wishes to sign up for a program while on-hold they will be charged the program member rate. Once the hold is released, the membership will automatically begin drafting again.

On Hold Form



Cancellation forms are available at the front desk, or you may use the link below to print and fill out this form. Exceptions to this policy may be made, if necessary, by speaking directly with the Membership Director at your home branch. Cancellation forms must be completed by a minimum of 24 hours prior to the next scheduled draft date. Failure to do so will make subsequent drafts non-refundable.

Members are responsible for reviewing bank statements to verify their draft cancellation.

Cancellation Form

Contact your branch Membership Director with questions.