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I Need This in My Life

Donna Roberson

“The Y gives me something to look forward to. I need this in my life.”

To look at her, you’d never guess the rough road that long-time Y member, Donna Roberson, has traveled. Numerous surgeries, dialysis, low energy and weight gain had her sidelined and unable to continue to work.

But this mother and grandmother did not give up. She never did.

Donna sets an alarm on her phone to not miss her mornings at the Y. She visits 6 days a week to do things like Zumba, Silver Sneakers classes, working with the weights and walking the track keeps her motivated.

“It helps me, gives me energy. I love to be around the people and it just motivates you. And something just being here around the people and going to the gym and getting strength and helping my body move. I just love it.” she said.

She also has learned to love getting in the water after a tentative start with Warm Water Therapy.

Donna admitted that because she was scared of the water she just sat on the pool step and did her exercises from there. That is, until she set her sights on taking swim lessons. Now, Donna is able to stand in the therapy pool for her exercises and getting more and more confident in the rec pool.

“I don’t go down to the seven foot yet, but I'm still excited because I know that I'm going to go,” said Donna. “I really want to get to that end to be able to swim that seven foot.”

And, we have no doubt that she will.