Making a Positive Impact

Jon Labbe at the Firestone Park YMCA

A Lifetime Member

Jon Labbe, who visits the Y an average of 5 days a week, recalls his time growing up just a block away from the Firestone Park YMCA, where he attended the Y’s after-school program. “One day was tumbling and another day was dodge ball, and another day was relay races. And they had all these activities, including archery, when we got older.”
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Donna Roberson on the News Post template

I Need This in My Life

I Need This in My Life Donna Roberson “The Y gives me something to look forward to. I need this in my life.” To look at her, you’d never guess the rough road that long-time Y member, Donna Roberson, has traveled. Numerous surgeries, dialysis, low energy and weight gain had her sidelined and unable to continue to work.
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Josh and Nicole Collins

Friends Forever

Friends Forever Gordon Popeko and Denise Mealey Over 40 years ago, Denise met Gordon through her first husband. And, although her marriage ended when husband passed away, her friendship and care for Gordon has been everlasting.
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One Step at a Time text with a photo of Jeff Francis

One Step at a Time

“Once you get sober you recognize everything that you were doing and it’s like holy cow, my life has become a complete mess so I have to turn things around.”
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