Green Barracudas Swim Team

The Green Family YMCA Barracudas Swim Team is for swimmers of all ages and skill levels to learn and grow together. Whether it’s a practice meet, a time trial or the championship relay, the Barracudas bring an unmatched passion and determination each time they enter the pool.

The Green Barracudas teach, follow and practice the essential elements of the YMCA competitive aquatic philosophy to:

  • Support and instruct every swimmer on the team.
  • Work on basic skills and teach good physical habits.
  • Teach fair play and mutual respect.
  • Help swimmers set and evaluate individual and team goals.
  • Foster a winning attitude, in victory and defeat.
  • Encourage lifetime involvement in sports and physical activity.
  • Work with the whole person - spirit, mind, and body.
  • Provide opportunities for swimmers to achieve their maximum potential.

New Swimmer Requirements:
Swimmers 8 years old and younger must be able to safely swim without stopping, 1 length of the pool freestyle (front crawl) with their face in the water, and 1 length on their back.
Swimmers ages 9 and over must be able to safely swim 2 lengths of the pool demonstrating freestyle with their face in the water with rotary breathing (breathing to the side), and 2 lengths on their back.

SUMMER SEASON is on hold due to COVID-19.  Check back with us.

Team Placement depends on training group availability.  Practices are divided into groups by age and may further be divided by ability level.

Visit or contact Denise Howell at 330 376 4349 ext 1319 or head swim coach Beverly Poletta at 330 329 2311 for more information.