Guest to Impress Artwork

A Special Promo
Nov 16 - Dec 31

Akron Area Y members can bring in guests for the rest of this year, at no extra charge and no obligation.
Guests and Members are then entered in WEEKLY drawings: 
Guests can win a FREE month.
Members can win 1-HR of Personal Training!
Members will also earn a FREE month when their guest joins the Akron Area YMCA.

How Many Guests Can a Member bring?
Adult members can bring in 1 Youth, 1 Adult or 1 Family (2 adults and their dependent children living in the same household) per visit.  A Youth member (age 11+) can only bring in 1 Youth Guest (Age 11+) per visit, i.e., a Youth-only member cannot bring in an Adult or a Family.

Can a Guest come in without a Member?
We will be honoring guest passes for people who wish to "try the Y."  Members can bring guests in, as well.

Can my Guest come to a Group Exercise Class with Me?

Due to social distancing protocols, some group classes have limited group sizes.  Guests are certainly welcomed and encouraged to join a Member in our classes, but if group capacity prohibits paying Members from attending, you and your guest may be asked to join another class. 

Can my Guest come in earlier or stay longer than I do?  No.  Guests must enter and exit with members.

Does my Guest need to sign-in and have his/her/their picture taken?

Yes.  Anyone who enters our facilities needs to be tracked as part of "Responsible Restart Ohio," and to run through the YMCA's sex-offender data base.  We want everyone who comes into our spaces to be as safe and protected as possible.  Guests will be signed up as Program Members, but not charged the Program Member fee, during this promotion.

Can my Guest use the Gym to play basketball?

Guests can use the gymnasium/pool during open times or through a reservation system, when they are with a member.  Basketball leagues are not open to guests.


Tell me more about the Contest.

Every Monday during the promo (November 16-December 31), Guests who have completed the back of their lanyard will be entered into a drawing at EACH membership branch.  The winning guest will receive 1-month of Free Membership.  Guests must redeem this Free Month before 3/31/2021.

Guests may be entered every time they visit during the promo, but can only win once.

The free winning month can be whatever membership type (Adult, Family, etc.) the winning guest chooses.


What if my Guest causes a Problem while at the Y?
Members will continue to bear the responsibility for his/her guest and help with accountability.  As with all our Members, Guests must adhere to the Member Code of Conduct. 

We reserve the right to limit or deny access to any GUESTS in accordance with the Member Code of Conduct! 

Read Member Code of Conduct