Giving Them a Reason to Get Up

When you've been active all you life, you want to remain active.  The Y gives members like Mary and Mike a reason to get in gear - every day -- to see friends and be healthy. 

Get Moving with this Mom

Ashley came to the Y looking for a little time for herself.  But, this energetic Mom found a whole new lease on life -- as well as a new career at the Y. 

Grandma Penny and her Kids from Karen

Connecting immigrant children to a community of love, strong values and acceptance from all, was a goal of  Grandma Penny and her sister.  Add in gymnastics, soccer, swimming and horseback riding for a result that is life changing for everyone.

The Wallace Family

Providing a caring place for children has been a core component of the Akron Area Y.  But, when kids love it so much that they want their birthday parties here ... well, that truly IS icing on the cake.