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250 People allowed at one time 

We will try to post hourly capacity updates on the Wadsworth Grizzly Outdoor Pool Facebook page. 

If we reach capacity you are welcome to wait in line outside the gate to enter or come back and visit at another time. 


Season Passes/Daily Fee

Season passes go on sale March 1st-check out our new price sheet here.

Daily Fees are $6.00 for Youth & Seniors (2-17, 65+) and $8.00 for Adults (even if not swimming).  $5 at 5:00 PM everyday.

Staff reserves the right to ask individuals to leave with no refund when not following pool policies and rules.


Weather Policies

Air temperature must reach 70 degrees for pool to open.

When thunder is heard the pool grounds will have to close for 30 minutes after the last thunder. Patrons may wait in their cars for the weather to clear.  We do not issue Rain checks or Refunds.


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Chairs available, you may also bring your own blankets or chairs for in the grass area.  No chairs in the wet deck area.

Vending machines & drinking fountains available.  You may bring your own food and drinks as long as no glass containers or alcohol. 

Please exit through the main gate. Please sign out with pool staff before exiting to keep capacity accurate.