Nate Smith

The loss of his Dad could have derailed Nate Smith, but his commitment to family kept him on track.  Working to help pay the bills, Nate took a pause from school, that he later tackled – full speed ahead – to get his diploma.  This was his first step in pursuing a career that he’d dreamed of as a boy.  Trouble was that this career also required some physical characteristics that Nate had forgone while focusing on studying, playing music and eating less than healthy.

At a top weight of over 300 lbs., Nate set out to drop over 90 pounds, get stronger, and be a role model to others, all the while sharing his great attitude and smile.  He also shard his flowing locks with Wigs for Kids before plunging into his new career with the Navy.

 “I want to make a difference in wherever life takes me.”

 - Nate Smith