Group of people at a tree dedication at the Riverfront YMCA

Rooted at the Riverfront YMCA

Mission Moments
A pin oak tree can live up to 120 years. The life cycle of a legend is infinite. Both timelines are integral to the Green Man Tree Planting Project of the Celtic Club, who were instrumental in planting four such species in varying locations in Northeast Ohio, including the Riverfront YMCA.
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"The Heart of the Matter" with a photo of John Baisden

The Heart of the Matter

Heart Health
John Baisden worked hard his whole life, including the last 20 years working outdoors, in all conditions, as a cable guy. (Cue the jokes!) But no one was laughing on the day that John discovered that his lungs were filling up with fluid due to bout with poison ivy that had gone internal.
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Nate Smith

Honor. Courage. Commitment.

Mission Moments
The loss of his Dad could have derailed Nate Smith, but his commitment to family kept him on track.  Working to help pay the bills, Nate took a pause from school, that he later tackled – full speed ahead – to get his diploma.  This was his first step in pursuing a career that he’d dreamed of as a boy.
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Janice Coon

"God has given us a Gift."

Silver Sneakers
Admittedly, Janice Coon isn’t a fan of machine workouts.  Instead, this gregarious lady enjoys group exercise including Silver Sneakers, Zumba and Toning at the Firestone Park facility, described by her as a being a “warm Y.”
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Jaiyah Hancock

A Helping Hand

Youth Development
Offering a helping hand is second-nature to Jaiyah Hancock, a student in our After-School program with Akron Public Schools.  The middle child of a blended family, including lots of cousins, Jaiyah’s had practice in being selfless and caring.  She’s been a big help to her mother and her grandmother, as
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troy williamson

Steps in the Right Direction

Mission Moments
When Troy Williamson was a kid, he tried all kinds of sports including wrestling, basketball and football. As things moved from neighborhood games to more organized school teams, Troy said he didn’t understand why he just couldn’t do as well as the other boys. “My cousin was an incredible athlete, but I was never very good.
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