Everyone plays! There are no try-outs and NO cuts in YMCA Youth Sports.
We play sports to have fun. We strive for a positive, relaxed, and enjoyable sports experience where kids can develop skills at their own pace without the pressures of winning or losing.
Regular cardiovascular exercise is important for a lifetime of healthy living.
The fundamentals are emphasized. Rules are modified to match the skill and developmental levels of the kids involved.
We focus on COOPERATION not Competition! There are no scores or standing kept in any of our youth sports leagues.

Fair Play
Fair play involves respect. Emphasized is Respect for selves, others, rules, and officials.

Family Involvement
Youth Sports is a Family Program!  Parents and other family members should be involved in their child’s experience.

Volunteers are the key! All coaches are un-paid volunteers. They are here to teach each child Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Caring.

Register Aug 8th youth sports: 

Sporties for Shorties Wednesday 5:15pm

Little Kickers soccer (6-8 year olds) Wednesday 6:30pm

Tater Tots (2-3 year olds) Monday 5:00pm

Small Fries (4-5 year olds) Monday 6:00pm