Member Benefits

The Y is much more than a 'swim and gym.' We're also the world's most recognized charitable organization. As a result, your membership not only benefits you, it benefits your community as well.


Personal Benefits

The Y is a great place to workout, learn new life skills, and spend quality time with friends and family.

State-of-the-Art Fitness Centers

YMCA branches include exercise machines, stretching areas, free weights, studios, and much more--including 24 Hour access at some of our locations.

FREE Exercise Classes

The Y has over 60 types of group exercise classes to choose from - all FREE to you with no registration required. In addition, we also offer specialized and water exercise classes for a very affordable fee.

Pools, Gyms, and Tracks

The Y provides an environment for swimming, exercise, and walking/running for all ages and abilities.

Childcare While You Workout

We provide play, arts and crafts, story times, and more.

Nationwide Access

Membership gives you free access to all participating YMCA locations across the United States.

Savings on Swim Lessons, Day Camp, Sports and More

The Y is all about helping you and your family learn new skills, discover unknown talents, and make friends.

Community Impact

The Y is committed to helping everyone thrive at each stage of life. And your membership dollars help make it possible for us to pursue this mission.

Building Inclusive Communities

The Y brings people together from all abilities, ages, ethnicities, financial circumstances, genders, races, religions, and sexual orientations.

Free Swim Lessons and Camp Access

Thanks to generous donations, the YMCA provides free swimming lessons and access to the great outdoors for people living in underserved communities.

Remove Financial Barriers

The Y provides financial assistance to those that have less so that everyone can be part of the community.

Community Outreach

The Y reaches out to support the vulnerable, including immigrant communities and those experiencing homelessness.

Help Kids Thrive

Through Y activities, local kids and teens are cultivating values, skills, and relationships that will help them grow and succeed.

Community Events & Date Nights

The Y hosts events and activities designed to build communities, bring people together, and even gives parents a night off!